John Youngaitis

John Youngaitis is New York’s only working taxidermist. He learned the craft as a young child in his father’s shop located in East New York. When gang members started using the stuffed animals in the window for target practice, he knew it was time to leave. Take a look at his new storefront in Middle […]

Mentoria Hutchinson

In The New Yorkers’ first collaboration with The New York Times, we were lucky enough to meet-up with a New York original. Mentoria Hutchinson has been working as a traffic enforcement officer in New York City since 1980. After being hit by a vehicle for the second time during her tenure, Mentoria knew she needed […]

Kellam Clark

One rainy evening, we took a ride with Kellam Clark, an interior designer and artist who lives and works in a warehouse in Crown Heights. While we rode around visiting some of his pieces, he recounted stories about his neighborhood, his career, and his life. He’s turned a warehouse into a workshop/studio/apartment complex, built doors […]

Sarah Petroski

It’s pretty safe to say that Sarah Petroski works out more than your average New Yorker. Maybe you think you’re in shape because you bike to work everyday or have a pull-up bar in your apartment. The kind of shape that Sarah’s in requires her to not only be at the gym every day but […]

Mike Joyce

If you’re a young punk rock fan, you would probably give an arm and a leg to have been able to see the bands that Mike Joyce has seen. If you also happen to be perusing Mike’s project “Swissted,” you might have a heart attack when you see in plain text that all of your […]

Aimée Allen

New York City and jazz music go almost hand in hand. Since the 1920′s when jazz was really beginning to hit its stride, the energy and diversity of New York has attracted and inspired many of the greats in the scene. Aimée Allen’s contribution to today’s scene is her beautiful voice and compositions, both of […]

Celia Rowlson-Hall

Celia’s a dancing machine! There has been a common thread in some of Celia’s best known work where she will do double-duty as both the star and the director, performing her own brand of energetic, tongue-in-cheek, and visceral choreography. We caught up with her during a commercial shoot for Aritzia, for which she was doing […]


Being a cat in New York is a pretty simple life. Sleep, eat, lick yourself, chase the occasional mouse or cockroach…not to mention taking in the view from an apartment window. They got it made in the shade.

Quoc “Q” Pham

This is not your mama’s sound system! Coming from a DJ/event producing background, as well as having a love of Jamaican bass music, Q has always had an ear for sound quality. That being said, despite advances in technology, most modern venues still don’t cut it. Systems might sound distorted, they might sound murky, or […]

William MacLeod

William is neither homeless nor deranged. He works as a real estate agent and walks around in a suit, which is perhaps why he turns so many heads every time he enters Washington Square Park and is immediately covered in pigeons. He knows the birds, they know him, and every day during his work breaks […]

Tricky Henry

In New York City, when not in a Broadway theater, magic often comes in the form of street and subway performance. As a kid growing up in Harlem, Tricky Henry got his start in magic by hustling on the streets of Harlem and Washington Heights. He would make bets with random pedestrians that he could […]

Blackie Pagano

“They turn music into fire and then back into music.” This quote from the late Lux Interior of The Cramps is one of the driving forces behind Blackie Pagano’s occupation. For over 20 years, Blackie has spent his days repairing and restoring vintage vacuum tube amplifiers. Unlike many other areas of electronic design, audio (music […]

Joe Dator

Making a living at writing and drawing editorial cartoons is no easy task. Imagine having to sit at your desk and crank out punchlines that you think people will like. Then, imagine having to pick and choose from those punchlines and create accompanying drawings. Then, imagine having to submit them every week with no guarantee […]

Joanne Nosuchinsky

Believe it or not, not every pageant queen starts as a toddler-in-a-tiara. For Joanne, the beauty pageant scene didn’t enter her life until adulthood. In January of 2013, she was crowned Miss New York USA after having entered the pageant as Miss Hell’s Kitchen. We caught up with her on location at The Carlton Hotel […]

Dmitriy Salita

Dmitriy Salita, aka “Star of David,” is a Ukrainian-born Jewish-American professional boxer. He is currently one of the top fighters in the world. We caught up with him training at a real old-school gym under a parking garage in Brooklyn, called the Starrett City Boxing Club. Check out his website for fight updates:

Matt Baldassano

Matt Baldassano is one of a very small group of New York City wine makers. Using techniques taught to him by his grandfather, Matt and some carefully selected friends make wine out of his Lower East Side apartment. The grapes are shipped in and the rest of the job is taken care of by hand […]


Shooting with Sabe made for an interesting Friday afternoon. The heat and humidity was oppressive both outside and inside his Brooklyn studio but his place had a very cool and artistic vibe. You walk in and there is art everywhere – covering the walls, tubed up, and on the floors. We found Sabe’s work to […]

Walter Momentè

Alidoro sandwich shop is a neighborhood gem. If you don’t believe me, the line out the door gives further proof. But if you appreciate great food, it’s well worth the wait. These Italian sandwiches are pure goodness. Walter Momentè runs the place and is the maestro of what might be New York City’s finest sandwich.  […]

Gordon Hawkins

At the top of a tiny building on an unassuming block lies the rooftop garden of Gordon Hawkins.  If you were walking down the street in Carroll Gardens, you would probably have no idea that one of New York’s nicest rooftop gardens was lurking just above you. But that’s one of the many charms of […]

Warren Donner

Warren Donner has style, and he couldn’t care less whether you like it or not.  But it’s not just his clothes-it’s so much more.  From the yellow Corvette to the jewelry to the hair, Warren has turned himself into a visual masterpiece.  If you don’t like what you see, that’s okay, but if you cross […]