Harry Grumbles

Anonymity.  It’s a big part of living in New York.  Over eight million people roaming the streets of NYC allow the same people to pass you day after day without you ever getting to know them.  The same can be said about the over 600,000 dogs in NYC.  At a glance, one dog is no […]

Naomi Shelton

The first time I saw Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens was in 2005 at Southpaw in Park Slope. It was at a record release party for Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings’ new album “Naturally,” and at that time Naomi went by Naomi Davis. I had never heard of her and it would be another […]

Gary Arnold

Gary Arnold is the mad scientist of sound.  In his trademark black t-shirt, his unkempt hair wildly sticking out in every direction, Arnold keeps nocturnal hours at his mixing board, creating mind blowing audio mixes for movies, television, commercials and more.

Colin Huggins

We shot with Colin Huggins on a scorching August day last summer. Colin is a truly amazing musician, much better than you would expect from a street performer. On nice days, he plays his piano free of charge in New York’s Washington Square Park for all to enjoy.

Jeff Slatnick

Even if you’re not in the market for an instrument, just stepping foot in the Music Inn is like stepping foot into a museum, rich with music history from around the world. On a nice day, you’re likely to see Jeff perched outside the store on a plastic deck chair, sipping coffee and watching the […]

Joshua Alpert

Rabbi Joshua Alpert, aka “Mr. Shabbos,” is a Jewish musician and educator in New York. A firm believer in marching to the beat of one’s own drum, he has taken to the street to perform his own style of Jewish music that incorporates elements of bluegrass, country, and Irish folk. Though his jovial personality and […]

Steve Powers

I’ve known Steve Powers for years and he never fails to impress or surprise. I told him that we wanted to do a New Yorkers feature on him and he told me to come to a new address in Brooklyn that I’ve never been to. When I arrived, I was surprised to see that he […]

Susan Gardner

If you’ve seen it, you will know what I am talking about. Susan Gardner’s house in Boerum Hill is one you’ll remember. She’s an artist and has been working on this particular project for the better part of two decades. She told us that it has become like a community arts project, with both give […]

Phil Mortillaro

Being a locksmith means that you literally have the keys to the city. There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with that kind of access, which is why it takes a very specific kind of person to be a successful locksmith. Trying to shoot in Phil’s shop was no easy task. At 125 square feet, […]


Creeping around on walls, doorways and service boxes in the city are Guess tags and stickers. Look around you. They’re there. They’ve been making their appearance for about two decades now. For some, graffiti is what they look for, for some it’s a nuisance and others never even knew it was there. But it is […]

Mark Mckenzie

Mark Mckenzie is one of the top ice sculptors in NYC. Apparently there are less than 10 serious ones currently operating here in New York. To shoot, we met Mark at his small carving studio in Ozone Park, Queens and were enthralled to watch him do his work. We watched as he flowed between the […]

Lindsay Jones

Seeing a fashion designer creating their line is more interesting than you might think. So much goes into the process and for a smaller, hands-on designer like Lindsay Jones, there is an insane amount of work to be done. Lindsay was draping and cutting fabrics by hand to the point that she started bleeding, which […]

Shifu Shi Yan-Ming

Shi Yan Ming was a pleasure to meet. He has been involved in many movies and productions in the past and yet was extremely nice and easy to deal with- even during the interview when there was a freakin’ earthquake! No joke, we found out later on that an earthquake, which originated in Virginia, had […]